Frequently Asked Questions


When and How Can I apply for a BLOCS scholarship for my child?

– The application enrollment period for students Pre-K through 12th grade for the 2016/ 2017 school year is now open. The application process can be found here.  

Questions about the application process should be directed to Smart Aid at 800-360-8027. Questions on the timing of awards, tuition and other financial aid that you may qualify for, should be directed to your child’s school. 


When will the next application period open?

– BLOCS will open the Archdiocesan Grade Schools, Parish Schools and Archdiocesan High School Applications for the 2016-2017 school year are now open. Private schools should contact their school directly to apply.


When will I find out if I received a BLOCS scholarship for the 2016 / 2017 school year?

– Schools will be notifying applicants starting around July 15th. If you have not heard by August 15th, please contact your child’s school. Elementary schools receive a determination letter from BLOCS when the school has finished their awarding process. High School students & Private School students are contacted by the school directly.


How are BLOCS scholarship awarded?

– Once you have filled out your application, Smart Aid (a third party) will decide if your family qualifies for need based scholarships. The list of qualified students is then sent to each school. The school then decides who will receive a BLOCS scholarship.


What will I need to complete the application process?

– You will need your school code (found here), your most recent tax return and when available, you will need to submit documents related to your current year’s income in January (W2. K1, etc…).


What are the qualifications to receive a BLOCS scholarship?

– Families with one dependent must have an annual income of less than $91,620. For each additional dependent, you can make an additional $15,270 per child.


I have not decided which school my child will attend. Can I apply for a BLOCS Scholarship and then decide where to apply it if I am awarded aid?

– Students MUST be registered before a decision on financial aid can be made. It is best to only apply to the school you want to attend and not select multiple schools.


If I am applying for a BLOCS Scholarship, why must I apply through Smart Aid?

– The Commonwealth of PA requires that a third party qualify families for eligibility on need based scholarships. Smart Aid is who The Archdiocese of Philadelphia uses for this qualification process.


How can I check the status of an application for a BLOCS scholarship?

– Once you apply. The status of your application can be checked by logging into your account on Smart Aid. BLOCS will not know the status of applications as they are received by a third party. Decisions on aid will come from your school. Any questions about awards, amounts, and decisions on aid should be directed to your child’s school.


I have children at different schools. Do I need to do an application for each of them?

– No, one application can be completed for your entire family.


Who can I call if I have questions about the application process?

– Questions about the application process should be directed to Smart Aid. They can be reach at 1 (800) 360-8027. 



Why did I not receive a BLOCS scholarship even though I qualified?

– Because each school has a limited amount of funds available for scholarships, some schools are not able to offer aid to every qualified student. Unfortunately, the need far exceeds the funds available.  Each school makes every effort to stretch the funding as far as they can.  If you did not receive an award, it is most likely due to the fact that your school ran out of funding.


If I receive a BLOCS Scholarship, when will my tuition statement be credited?

– Schools use individual timelines on crediting a students account. For specific questions, please contact your students school.


If my child changes schools, can I take a BLOCS scholarship with me to the new school?

– BLOCS Scholarships are specific to each school and therefore can not be transferred if you decide to move your child.


I started my application, but the school said that it is not listed with their applicants.

– The application MUST be completed in order for the schools to see your information. Parents should check their online application to make sue that it is marked “submitted”. Smart Aid will not contact you about unfinished applications.